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Updated February 05, 2013

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Annual Review

(Based on 2012 Sales on the MLS)

2012 Condo Sales Volume showed signs of live, Units Sold were UP by 37.8%, to 11,636
Median Sales Price UP 19.79%, for Average Price Per Square Foot of $278

The dollar volume of condo sales in the city of Chicago showed signs of improvement in 2012, at $3.3 billion. And the number of units sold in the city increased by 37.8%, from 8,443 to 11,636. Median sales price of city condos also increased, by 19.79%, from $192,000 to $230,000. The average market time decreased by 19.77%, from 177 days on the market to 142 days. Those figures are based on sales of condos as recorded on the regional multiple listing service (MRED).

As 2012 statistics confirm, Chicago is condos. Based on number of units, Chicago is the nation's third-largest condo market (and third largest population). In the city, 2012 condo sales made up 25.24% of all residential transactions (including multi-unit), compared to 50.26% in 2011. There are an estimated 260,000 condo units in more than 13,000 buildings in the city, with several thousand units added annually. Based on the 260,000-unit estimate and 2012 sales of 11,636 units, the turnover in 2012 was 4.47%. An estimated 20% of condo units are rented out by their owners. Some condos prohibit rentals.

Condos create much of the city's skyline. Their prominence is especially evident along prestigious North Lake Shore Drive, the largest concentration of units. Most high-rises, and most luxury buildings, are located in three community areas along Lake Michigan: Near North, Lake View and Lincoln Park. The most desirable buildings offer magnificent views of Lake Michigan, are on or near Michigan Avenue or overlook Millennium Park.

Recent years have seen rapid growth along the Chicago River, and west and south of downtown. Lofts, created by rehabbing vacated warehouses, are increasingly popular for their high ceilings and brick walls. Vintage buildings offer Old World charm and elegance. Conversions, of apartment buildings to condos, are occurring at a pace not seen since the 1980s and are generally 20% less expensive than new-construction units. More than a dozen condo hotels, the newest trend, offer room service to residents and rental income to owners. Thousands of two-flat condos are scattered throughout the city. Town houses can be either condos or homeowner associations. Co-ops, not listed in our database, are less than 5% of the market. Most high-rise co-ops are at the high end, especially on East Lake Shore Drive, but the first co-ops were two- and four-flats, and are still occupied throughout the city.

Each year in the city, between 10,000 and 20,000 condo units turn over. That is roughly 2% of the 900,000 condos & co-ops bought and sold across America. More than 10,000 units are on the marktet ("active") at any given time. In 2012, prices ranged from $2,500 for a 1,200-square-foot unit in South Chicago to $8.6 million for a 6,400-square-foot, 3 bedroom condo in The Elysian at 11 E. Walton. The citywide median sales price in 2012 was $230,000, $278 per square foot. That is less than one-third the cost PSF in New York City. The ultra luxury end of the market now brings in excess of $1,000 per square foot.


Recent Sales (2012 & 2011)

Year-to-Date 2012 vs. Year-to-Date 2011

In 2012, city condo dollar volume increased compared to 2011. But volume in December down 2.44% compared to November.
According to figures generated for by MRED, the regional MLS, sales of Chicago condos through November 30, 2013 are:

Comparing sales November to October:
* Units closed were down 26.48%, from 1114 to 819 closings
* Dollar volume was down 27.32%, from $342.7 million to $249.1 million
* Median sales price was up 0.01%, from $249.700 to $250,000
* Average market time was up 0.00% from 70 to 70 days

Year Over Year (January 2012 ? January 2011)

Category December 2012 December 2011 Change
Closings 881 661 +33.28%
% Condo Closings 48.35% 52.92% -4.57%
Median Sales Price $230,000 $192,000 +19.79%
Avg. Days on Market 123 191 -55.28%
New Listings 753 752 +.01%
Supply 6.35 months 8.73 months -27.26%
Total sales volume $285.2 mil $179.1 mil +59.24%

Month Over Month (October - November 2013)

Category November 2013 October 2013 Change
Closings 819 1114 -26.48%
% Condo Closings 45.63% 50.11% -8.95%
Median Sales Price $250,000 $249,700 +0.01%
Avg. Days on Market 70 70 +0.00%
New Listings 1020 1563 -34.74%
Supply 5.25 months 5.40 months -2.67%
Total sales volume $249.1 mil $342.7 mil -27.32%


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Total annual condo sales (2012 MRED):  11,636 units for $3.3 billion

Condo sales as percentage of all residential sales in Chicago: 25.24%

Inventory of unsold units (new construction and conversion):To come



(Based on the 12,000 buildings in our database, which includes virtually all properties with 25+ units, virtually all new construction and conversions, plus thousands of smaller buildings, including hundreds of two- to six-flats)

Total buildings (for which number of units is known): 7,173

500+ units: 38 (0.5%);
499-100 units: 453 (6%);
99-25 units: 1,128 (16%);
24-7 units: 3,123 (44%);
6-2 units (flats): 1,768 (34%)


New Construction: 571 buildings; Conversion: 362; Re-Sales: 11,067


Community Areas (77)

(Based on 2012 MRED statistics and 2000 Census Data)

Most Condo Units Sold:
1. 8008, Near North Side (2,116 units)
2. 8006, Lakeview (1,242)
3. 8024, West Town (787)
4. 8007, Lincoln Park (778)
5. 8032, Loop (776)
6. 8028, Near West Side (768)
7. 8077, Edgewater (537)
8. 8003, Uptown (511)
9. 8033, Near South Side (460)
10.8002, West Ridge (435)

Highest Median Sales Price:
Lincoln Park ($349,900)
Near North Side ($345,000),
North Center ($322,500),

Lowest Median Sales Price (among areas with 10+ sales):
Chatham ($15,550),
North Lawndale ($17,150),
South Shore ($23,500)

Highest Median Income (2000 census data):
Lincoln Park ($68,613),
Forest Glen ($68,269),
Beverly ($66,823)


Increase in Median Sales Price Only Six areas saw an increase in median sales price in excess of 20% with 10+ units:

West Lawn +21.43%
Grand Boulevard +25.00%
Lower West Side +25.84%
Portage Park +26.00%
Chatham +52.45%
North Park +76.81%



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